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Green Plant
illustrator and

Everything is in constant movement!


You can pass by Aerial Amazons in Innsbruck and see my work :)

My Motto:  Everything is in constant movement!

illustrator and ARCHITECT

Hi there! My name is Alina Nicoleta and I am a freelance Illustrator and Architect born in Romania, currently based in the Austrian Alps, in the city of Innsbruck.

Ever since I can remember, my main interest is drawing. My curiosity for geometrical forms, processes and function led me to studying Architecture and graduating with a Master Degree in 2012.

After moving to Austria and working in Architecture, Retail, Event Design and Visual Merchandising, I was missing my first love, art. So I started a year of Art Studies to remind me of my years in the local Art Club and in the High-School of Fine Arts.

I've started my Instagram illustration account @summerdream.illustration in Mai 2018 just as an exercise soon after enrolling in the Academy of Arts of Rum.


Painting with watercolors is my favorite medium because the colors flow with the water and so do my figures. With watercolor, you never really know what you get until the colors are dry, you cannot manipulate the result as much. Everything is free and flowing! I also enjoy digital drawing and work in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Procreate. 

My biggest passions are the subjects that I draw. Sports, mostly Aerial Arts and Circus are the subject I can take infinite inspiration from. I imagine that the human body has no limits, that it can take any extreme form and the truth is, mostly it can, the possibilities it has are mostly beyond our imagination.

I do all my Prints at Home on Fine Art Inkjet Paper so the Wall Art my customers get is amazingly close to the original watercolor painting.

I also enjoy doing couples portraits and Wedding Packages all with the strong belief that memories are one of the most precious things we have! I love to think that I play a role in the ability of other people to keep their own beautiful memories alive!

I am open for ideas and cooperations!



- Solo Exhibition in Aerial Amazons Innsbruck February 2020 - present 

- 6 Paged Article about me and my Art & Illustrations in Pole Art Magazine Nr.20 2019

- Solo Exhibition in Aerial Amazons Innsbruck June 2018 - February 2020

- Exhibitor at 4th GLOBAL PRINT 2019 | 1st AUGUST - 30th SEPTEMBER 2019

- Solo Exhibition "The Origins of Human Kind" in Frauen-Kopfklinik Innsbruck, Tirol-Kliniken, Mai 2019

- Collaborative Exhibition "Kreative Vielfalt"/"Creative Diversity" in "Haus im Leben" Innsbruck, January 2019

-  Exhibitor at "Kunststraße Imst" / "Art Street Imst" 30th of November - 16th of December 2018, Imst, Austria

- Exhibitor at "Arbeiterkammer Tirol Kunstmarkt 2018", Congress House Innsbruck, 16th - 18th of November 2018

- Collaborative Exhibtion "Frauen. Kunst und Macht"/"Women. Art and Power" in Schloß Ambras Innsbruck, Armour Room 4th - 31st of October 2018

- Collaborative Exhibition "Naturstudium"/"Naturestudies" in "Haus im Leben" Innsbruck, September 2018

- Collaborative Exhibition "Starke Frauen"/"Strong Women" in Haus im Leben Innsbruck 6th of June - July 2018

- Exhibitor at "Handlichen Hingucker" Die Bäckerei, Innsbruck, December 2014


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